Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indiana, you are one!

Happy Birthday to you, Sweetness. I love you more and more, every day. You are funny and sweet and loving and sometimes pesky. You love to ride on Daddy's shoulders. And splash and splash in the bath. And read books, especially when you turn the pages.

Today, you turned one. You threw your sippy cup on the floor about 18 times and fed crackers to the dogs. You laughed when Charlie licked your fingers. I would do anything to hear your laugh, to see your smiles, to kiss your curly hair. I love that you are so quick to smile. You've captured the heart of so many strangers with that toothless grin. Today, you ran faster than I've ever seen pushing your toy walker. And you took good naps and ate lots of malt-o-meal with your Mamie. You walked with holding onto only one of my hands for the first time. And I discovered while feeding you yogurt that you're cutting your bottom two teeth. You're such a happy baby that we hadn't even noticed that your gums might be sore.
Every day, I watch you learn more. You learned not only how to climb into the coffee table, but also out. It was a two-step process. Today, I saw you throw a ball forward for the first time. But you still love to drop things. Especially your sippy cup.

I'm so glad I get to be your mom. I promise I will always love you and always take care of you.

And I will pick up your sippy cup. Silly billy.

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