Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More March Fun (a little late!)

The last two weekend have been eventful. First, we went out to Hico, Tx to stay in a B&B with my parents. Not much to do in Hico but hang out, which was perfect.
Indiana enjoyed crawling around the old rock house, and sampled dirt for the first time.
He went back for seconds. *Sigh*
There was a fair amount of rocking chair sitting.

And trying on grandpa Jack's boots of course. Such a big boy.

Then, last weekend, Casey went out of town again. Casey did his first long triathlon since the Long Course Championship in Germany. I didn't get to go...because it wouldn't be a good place for a baby, too much time in the sun, but Dad went with him and they had a good time in Galveston.

Indy went to his first Easter egg hunt, and wasn't going for it.
"Who's this fuzz-face?"
"I WILL not pose for any more pictures! I want a nap, NOW." I think this picture is hysterical. So much expression on that little face. Love him.

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Charlton said...

I'm impressed that he let the bunny hold him! And I love the last picture! I have soooo many of those!