Saturday, April 21, 2012

Indiana's First Birthday Party

Indy's birthday was Wednesday, and other than having the day off work to spend with him, which was kinda special in itself, we didn't do anything much that day, other than sing him Happy Birthday several times, which he really liked. Because the real party was going to be Saturday afternoon, and what a great day for a party! The weather was perfect, sunny and 75 degrees. If only all days in Texas were like that! We had the party in the park. It was a great day. We had lots of friends and family come to celebrate. Aunt Aubrey and Uncle Dustin brought Indy a really fun gift: A radio flyer wagon! He looks a little hesitant right now, but I'm sure he'll love it. A couple of the older kiddos climbed right in, so we know that there are good times ahead for that red wagon.

Dad brought his smoker, and we had grilled hot dogs and burgers. They taste so much better cooked over a real flame. It was a really fun group that came: Christy Odgen, her kiddos Campbell and Duncan, and her mom, LuAnna, Karis and Riley Waldrum, the Goodens (Michael and Darrah) brought their sweet newborn girl, Nella.
Cute boys. Jayden Odgen, Felix Gooden and his cousin, Oscar.
And Erin Gooden and little Jasper, and the Diehls and Tom Walker and the Marables are there somewhere in the background too. I was so glad so many could come celebrate with us.
We didn't to the big production smash-cake thing...that's a waste of good cake! But Indy did certainly did get his birthday cupcake.
He loved it, of course.
And we also got to see this little guy take his official first steps! It was awesome. Go Jack! He's a month older than Indiana, so maybe we'll be seeing Indy's first steps soon.
I was so glad Nana Cindy could come too.
We had sunglasses as party favors. Perfect for a day in sun. Happy Birthday, Indiana!

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Kelli said...

Looks like it was such a fun birthday with a fun crowd. Sorry we weren't able to make it. Can't believe all these spring babies are turning 1!