Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Vacation

It's been a great summer so far. It's nice being at home and spending more time with Indiana.

He's such a funny, sweet little boy. His new thing is vigorous head shaking: NO! It's so funny how much he loves to be able to communicate and influence decisions, like what's for breakfast. An orange, not a banana, etc. Plus, less food ends up on the floor.
It's not a perfect system, as the attentiveness of the dogs here illustrates.
In less that two weeks, I've already read three books (and as Casey would qualify here, I actually READ these books and didn't listen to the audio book version, which he says doesn't really count as "reading" them. Whatever. Books is books.). Casey's been reading too...especially since we went to the beach!

I booked a little 3 day, 4 night trip to Cancun. So relaxing. Nana Cindy came up and stayed with Indiana so we could get maximum relaxation out of our vacation. We spent most of our time reading and lounging by the beach. The view was beautiful.
We stayed at an all-inclusive resort to be extra lazy. It sounds fancy, but it was a smaller, not-as-new-and-luxurious one, so my inner thriftiness was mollified. There were a lot of Russians staying there, oddly, and they weren't very friendly. Whatever. We just snacked and napped and read and lounged our vacation away.
Under one of those umbrellas was my permanent spot. Excellent. Reading. Watch the waves. Jump in for a little dip. Get out, refill my drink (mostly diet coke!) and resume my spot. We had planned to do some snorkeling, but the water was much too choppy and the current too strong for that. Mostly just playing in waves...which was fun too.We did take one trip into town. Of course, we had no itinerary, so we just got on a bus...and it ended up taking us into downtown and then way out of downtown into the less, um, touristy part of Cancun. We road the same bus right back into town and walked around the mall. A rather lame excursion...but whatever. A lazy vacation is what I wanted, and what I got.
Ah, paradise!

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