Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweet Pea Update

This summer, Indiana has been:


Getting acquainted with pots and pans.

Working with the alphabet.

Eating lots waffles and oranges.
And generally being a curly-headed cutie.
I love those curls! 

And on Wednesday, for the first time ever, walking! (Sadly, no picture). 

We've been taking him to the pool and having him practice walking in the water to help him gain confidence. I figured if they have aerobics for the elderly in the water to help them balance, it would work for babies too, and it did! He played and walked and ran in the (<2 ft deep) water for half an hour, then we took him out to see if he would walk on dry land. Success! He walked back and forth (getting increasingly grumpy) four or five times, then we let him rest. I think it helps that the surface is concrete and very unappealing for crawling. At home, he is not in the least bit interested in independent walking, but at least we know he can, and when he's ready, he will walk more.We leave for France in less than two weeks(!) and I had expected him to be walking by then, but I'm glad that he walked for the first time when both Casey and I could see. It was pretty special. Sweet Pea is growing up. :')

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Charlton said...

Yay Indiana! I agree about different surfaces deterring crawling. Fortunately for girls, putting them in dresses deters crawling. It was a Sunday morning when Mackenzie started walking more regularly because she couldn't get around with her dress on!