Monday, October 6, 2008

Longhorn Half Ironman Triathlon

So, we went to Austin this weekend so Casey could compete in the Longhorn Half Ironman Triathlon. Of course, Bevo was in attendance. He did not do the tri, though. Not a step. Lazy cow.
Casey did great though. It was a hilly, windy course, and he beat his previous time by more than 30 minutes! 5 hours 27 minutes. Wow. He's trained really hard and it paid off. I was really shocked to see him coming across the finish line so early!

Friday and Saturday were very fun and restful. Casey had a doctor's appointment, so I cruised around Austin's Central Market. It was so fun. I loved taking time to look at all the different foods. Some people enjoy watching sports; I enjoy looking at food. I loved the Halloween candy...the holidays are fun! Plus, Austin people are decidedly different and you could feel the wacky, earthiness. Old ladies in cowboy hats. Rock on.

And we laid about, chatted, read, watched tv. It was great.
Except when Casey smushed my banana. I don't remember what I did that he would smoosh my banana...but he did, and then had the gall to photograph me. Dweeb.

Also, while Casey did the swim and bike, I treked around the dusty, uninteresting area surrounding the race course trying to get in my 20 mile run. It stunk. I got the miles in...but there's only so many times that you can run past unceromoniously dumped trash while chugging up the million hills of Texas's beautiful (dusty mess) Hill Country. The drive home was pretty rough...the both of us, tired and sore. Thank goodess for the kolaches of West, Texas. And thank goodness for Cindy, Casey's mom. We stopped at her house to shower and relax a bit. That was really nice.

We're very happy to be back home and back with our puppies. They're still lazy, though.


WifeInLaw said...

Yay kolaches! I love the fruit/cheese combos. Yum yum.

megan said...

glad to hear it went well...I tried to tell Corey about the kolaches when we drove through west, but he didn't seem too interested. alas.