Friday, October 3, 2008

Playing hooky

My students are at school...2nd period is about to start, but I'm not there. Surreal, strange, a little guilty. I must be there, they will not function without me there!

But they will. I'm in Austin. Casey has an half Ironman triathlon. I will post more details and pictures soon. I'm excited for him. This is his third race of this length and he's been training a lot and gotten better/faster in all three categories. Plus, last time he was injured (but ran it anyway). He contributes his better running to running with me, since I an full out training for the marathon.

Yeah, somewhere in this weekend I have to get in a 20 mile run. That will be interesting. We're thinking the best time is during the race, while he's swimming or biking, to run the race's loop. That way, I can watch him start, and probably be done running by the time he starts running, and I can see him, hopefully, and cheer him on. It's quite a long race for him...he's hoping for 5:45-5:30 to complete the one mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13 mile run.

Running 20 miles sounds less crazy doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Good Luck & Have Fun!


megan said...

yeah i think i might have to agree. though actually they both sound quite crazy to me...

Anonymous said...

Today I did the Toyota US Open Olympic-distance triathlon. Well, for the most part. My legs cramped during the swim (1500 meters), the bike ride (24.5 miles)was fine except for the extremely steep hills at the beginning of the ride (only some of which came back down) and the massively overabundant potholes all over the road (once the hills stopped). The 6.2 mile run? Yeah, no. I walked, all but maybe a mile and a half of it. I did walk the full 10k, instead of doing the sprint 5k.. but I walked. My time was a nice 5 and a half hours... and I was doing a mere fraction of what your husband did.

Ironman makes my head hurt. And people who run 20 miles make my head hurt. I admire you.