Friday, October 10, 2008

The State Fair!

We love the Fair. It's more than just Big Tex and fried foods.
-800 lbs of butter turned into a giant statue of King Tut. I know you're impressed.
-A petting zoo. Come on. You want to pet the zebus. And the baby goats (so soft), tortoise, baby pig (I got to see them was cute!), camels (very soft necks), emus (one tried to eat dad's shirt), baby and adult ostriches (adults softer than babies), 4-horned sheep (looked like the devil), mini donkeys, llamas and various other docile fuzzies.
-See incredibly varied breeds of chickens, turkeys (one really looked like the ones we used to color in kindergarten), and prize-winning goats and cows. And the world's fattest pig. 1300 lbs. All he ever does is lay there. It's a little depressing.
-All kinds of exhibits and shows. We saw dancing dogs (two of which were really good.) And a cooking show where we got lobster tail paella, key-lime pie and $20 gift certificates afterward. And other various freebies and samples.
-Some very interesting people watching, especially on the Midway. It was an incredibly crowded sensory overload. But, in a good way. Rides, games, and lots of teenagers in funny outfits, but I think they didn't mean it that way.
-And of course, the tasty goodies: cotton candy, Belgian waffles, chicken-fried bacon (okay, I didn't try any...but I did have to see it).

I also saw some very scary tattoos. The girl that tattooed "Jessica" across her thigh, if you're reading this, I want you to know that you are not sending the sophisicated message you intended. You scare me.


Jessica said...

I think your blog sucks.

megan said...

haha awesome comment above. Um, so this post reminded me of our state fair, at which we got to watch pig races. Which were awesome! And a bear (last year they had tigers). And other sundry amusements. Have you heard of elephant ears? It's common fair food up in this part of the country, but I hadn't heard of it before Corey, and my mom hadn't either. Anyway...sounds like you had fun, which is always good to hear.