Sunday, March 1, 2009

Observations from Hico, TX

Hico, TX: it's a small town, claiming to be the death place of Billy the Kid, near Fossil Rim. There, I consumed an unnerving amount of fried food and gravy (one place actually served me a BOWL of the stuff with my chicken fried steak). The bed and breakfast we stayed in (Casey & I, and my parents) was quite had 26 chickens in the kitchen, in various forms--plush, brass, labels on tins, plates, ceramic statues--and it became a game to find them all. We also read books and played cards and lots of backgammon.We drove to Glen Rose, saw some buffalo and elk at the entrance of the wildlife preserve. Later, Casey was very excited to visit the Creation Evidence Museum. Casey hoped that there would be people there trying to convince him that the Genesis story is a literal, and so the earth is only 7000 years old, and people lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Hence the fossil with a dino footprint and human footprint. Personally, it makes no difference to me...but Casey was disappointed to find no wackos to speak of.

At the other Fossil Rim museum...they had very different dates for the earth, but we paid them no mind. I did impersonate my favorite dinosaur, though. The anklosaurus:

Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing little vacation. But we were happy to get home to the puppies. Casey Gooden was nice enough to feed the while we were gone...but I don't think they got their cuddle quota. So we're working on that now. :-)

I also made a cake for Hilda's birthday tomorrow. It may be the first layer cake I've made. I know the devil's food cake part is good. And the seven minute frosting (which I made 4 batches of!) is very good too. Hopefully together, it'll be super-good.


Elizabeth G said...

You should have said you were going in advance, I could have made sure you got to meet Carl Baugh, owner of the Creation Museum. We're aquainted though several mutual creationist paleontologists friends.

We're thinking about going on a dig with him sometime. Every summer they go to the Paluxy River and uncover footprints. It's about the only dig close enough for us to go on, though Brandon really wants to go with the boys to Montana sometime to work on the big beasts.

Your friendly young Earth creationist ;)

megan said...

You're so goofy! I love you! The video of you impersonating the dinosaur really seemed as though you were 5 and talking to your dad who was videotaping you....hahaha that just reminded me of the 12 days of christmas video! :)'ve brightened my day! Oh, and that cake looks delicious!