Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I mean these sweet girls, of course. Sunday was Amy's baby shower (she's the one in green) at Christy's house. It was really fun. I wanted to share a few shots to show there is more to my life (eg blog) than food!
Christina, Karis and MarciDarrah and Erin -- the Gooden girls!Ok...there were a few cupcakes there...8 different kinds! Marci was so cool and went halvsies with me so we could taste more. Fantastic, especially the carmel frosting.Knee update: So, yes, there is a small tear in that hard to heal tissue in my knee, some inflammation and some generally wonkiness that I'll need to stabilize, but I'm going to do everything I need to get it healed. No running, yet, but I had a great bike out at the lake today. Good gravy, I do love White Rock Lake in the springtime! It's amazingly beautiful. :-)

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Christy said...

i love the pics from the party! i didn't get to take any b/c my camera is dead (this is what happens when your son's sippy cup looses it's valve and leaks into your purse onto your camera). thanks for sharing the pics! love them!