Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10 more days...

10 more school days. It's like running a marathon and being at mile 25. One more mile!

But you're so tired and nearly delirious from forcing yourself to go on that laying down in the gutter gets more appealing with every step. Gutter...come to me.

I actually photocopied masses of french coloring sheets during my conference, in case I truly do lay down in the gutter, figuratively. I don't have any more material I need to cover, and goodness knows anything I teach now I'll have to reteach next year. The worry is that they'll sense it's no longer "real" work and then misbehave. It's a double-edged sword...teach, though it may destroy your will to live, or don't teach and watch the carefully managed class dissolve into madness. Madness.

I'll take a poll. What do you think?

Curriculum or Coloring sheets?


Marci said...

COLORING!!!!!!!!!!! Get me that box of 64, please. Cornflower blue is my favorite.

Criss L. Cox said...

We've had testing this week, which means they royally screwed up our schedule (each class period met for THREE HOURS so core courses could do end-of-course testing). So... we're watching Evita!

Tomorrow (back to regular schedule) they'll research Juan and Eva PerĂ³n and write about it.

Lying in the gutter, but it's a culturally-relevant gutter. :P

nodnarb said...

Coloring wasn't already part of your curriculum? What kind of teacher are you?