Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cookies and Women's Ministry

On my new favorite food blog (it's all about chocolate...what's not to love), I saw a recipe for Almond Florentines, a cookie I used to always get from this German bakery, and they looked and were really easy. Almonds, egg whites, powdered sugar = crispy, toasted, nutty deliciousness.
And a little dip in chocolate never hurt anyone.

So, I inadvertently joined the women's ministry team this morning. It started with an email about meeting for breakfast and talking about women's ministry, as my friend sending out the email had been newly named the women's ministry leader at our church. Well...always being up for cinnamon rolls and conversation, I said yes. Had I read later emails more closely, I would have seen: "I know some of you are still praying about joining the ministry team." So when she pulled out the long list of people I'm assigned to pray for this week...*gulp*. But, now that I think about will be a good thing. I've done some leadership/ministry stuff in the past. And it was hard. So I've avoided any kind of leadership for quite a while. But, it's through adversity that we grow, right? And obviously, there's need, so I'll do my best.

As part of the women's ministry we're putting together little gifts for the 20 mothers in our church. Thankfully, that involves making cookies. There, I'm in my element. I made snickerdoodles.
It's recipe I used to make all the time in high school, and now I remember why. Delicious. Great texture. Cakey inside, slightly crisp on the outside, even the next day. I froze most of the batter for next weekend...but I had to make a few to make sure they were good. :-)


Tiffany Dawn said...

SNickerdoodles are my ALL TIME FAVORITE!! Mostly because they bring back memories of baking with my grandmother. Such good times!!

Christy said...

thanks for the yummy cookies and for serving us in this way! we appreciate it so much!

Marci said...

Oh my word, I was wondering who made those Snickerdoodles, because they ROCKED! I mean, dude, they were better than JD's Chippery! Loved them, thank you for serving the mommies.