Saturday, May 23, 2009

Homemade Pasta and a Clown Cookie

So, Thursday and Friday, in between giving Benchmark Test, I made some new PowerPoints on clothes, style vocab, vacation activities and travel. Interesting to me. It's from later chapters in the book that we never get to, but stuff I always wonder why we don't learn. So, anyway, that's what I'll be teaching to French 1 next week, of course giving them chances to color clothes and design their own outfit, talk about their summer plans. We'll see how that goes with classes of 30+ squirrely freshmen. I'm always intended to do mostly grammar stuff with French 2, but I have smaller classes, and they're pretty easy to manage.

8 more days. :-)

Also, after my bible study, I made homemade pasta:
I've made pasta before as a re-creation of my Nana's noodles, but always in a small scale. The Pioneer Woman simplified the recipe (Nana included a drying step) and I used whole wheat flour. The second batch I rolled thinner, so the texture was better, more tender and less chewy. The above batch was just tossed with butter, salt and better...and was to be leftovers, but Casey grabbed it on the way I think it's not long for this world.

And, I bought a clown cookie. I think he's quite cute.

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megan said...

now why would a nice clown be saying boo?