Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snack Cake Doom

You gotta see this: A Little Debbie Death Match, from Cakespy:Some folks with too much time and too many snack cakes experiment on violent methods of snack cake destruction. Whatever they put into these things to make them "shelf stable" (but oh so far from fresh) makes them pretty tough cookies. (Pun intended, for Megan).

Knee update: Surgeon #2 agrees with Surgeon #1 that I have a plica, but wants to try a special physical therapy to resolve the cause of the injury, rather than just remove the injured tissue. The pain might go away on its own that way, and if it doesn't he'll do the surgery in a month. I'm frustrated about having to do more therapy. It's just annoying to go to all those appointments, especially after 25 chiropractor sessions...but if it's a more permanent option that saves me from hobbling around my classroom on crutches, it's worth trying.

Went back to RHS for the first time and set up my classroom a little bit. I'm ALMOST looking forward to seeing the kids. ;-)

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giz said...

I really hope they get to the bottom of the knee problem and correct it permanently.