Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the Knee needs advice...

I have developed a growing appreciation for my right knee over the last six months. I mean, when it works, who cares? But when merely sitting in a chair makes it throb...hello knee!

Strangely, just as I've given up on it healing through natural processes....it's better. Seriously. And I'm doing all those things I gave up to protect the crazy knee. The irony is thick.

You see, with nothing to lose...I figured I'd do what what I wanted. So I tried a dance class (Zumba) and it was a little sore. Weight lifting...a couple twinges, but a diminishing number. I even went high-impact and did step aerobics. Knee didn't mind. Now, my calves were debilitatingly sore for two days...but that's allowed.

But there's still Mt. Everest. Running. A couple weeks ago, 30 minutes on the treadmill definitely caused significant soreness, but maybe not anymore. The problem is the human muscular-skeletal system isn't built to endure the kind of pounding running supplies without careful training, hence so many runners get injured (like myself!). So I can't simply go out there and run like I did before the injury to test if it's better. That would brutalize me even if I weren't injured.

So, I have two appointments with surgeons next week...but I'm not sure I really need surgery. I mean, is this a fluke? All that I've been doing differently is going to a new chiropractor who has me doing daily electro-therapy. But the swelling and pain is gone. Going through surgery and two months of recovery sounds like a nightmare, but so is the idea that I can't ever do another marathon. Limitations like that...unpossible.

What should the knee do?

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