Friday, August 7, 2009

Window Washing and Whole Wheat Bread

As I still have a week before I have to return to work, I figured I should try to be a little more productive (there are only so many CSI reruns!) so I cleaned house and made bread. I got more of the ignored little corners. Hopefully they'll stay clean for a little while. In two weeks all the women of our church are invited to my house for a conference. I'm really looking forward to it, but I always get anxious about getting things ready for guests. I mean...will I be judged on the cleanliness of my microwave?

Plus I tried a recipe for whole wheat bread from King Arthur's Flour blog. It's made in the mixer and only needed to proof for 90 minutes. That's incredibly easy bread. I made two batches, one regular and one in roll/muffin form. All but a few are wrapped up in the freezer. The few...that I ate. LOVE fresh bread. And I can just pop these delights out of the freezer, microwave and enjoy in the future. :-)

Note: please ignore the strange border on my photo. Our camera is on the fritz and I tried to repair a bad photo...and being that I have nothing better than Paint, this is what I got. The bread was still good, I promise.


Tiffany Dawn said...

Looks good... And you will def not be judged on the microwave.... Not by me anyway! I love coming to your place!!

megan said...

love the paint editing! :) and jealous that i don't get to try the bread.