Monday, April 12, 2010


Kelli and I started training in February (I think) and yesterday we did a half marathon. It was really fun. We had trained all at the lake, which is nice, but it was fun to run through neighborhoods and have folks cheering. I think that really sped us up.Casey ran too...even though 13 miles is normal for him, but it was fun when he ran back after finishing and did the last mile with us. We still had lots of kick. Good run.
The race started and ended at Fair Park, and we got to run through some of the prettiest neighborhoods in Dallas.
Yay for being a runner again! I wish it was cool enough to train for a marathon...but maybe I'll train for one in the fall, if nothing else big is going on.

Also, this weekend was our Mercy Place Women's Retreat. I was on the planning committee, even though I probably didn't do too much of the planning...I did help, and it was nonetheless a really great retreat. The speakers and worship leaders were really good, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves at a nice hotel and got to meet and spend time with people outside of their normal group. Good stuff. I'm looking forward to the next event and spending more time with the wonderful women of Mercy Place.

Also, I started working on my paper! Woo woo for two pages! Only 10 more to go! I think now that inertia has been overcome, it will come more smoothly, and I won't stress about it as much. I also emailed professors asking them if I could take their comprehensive exams in July, the last step in the process. Soon I will be done with grad school...thank the Lord!


Linnae said...

yay!! you did it! looks like it was so fun!

Brandon said...

Something big?

Kelli said...

That was a great race! Looking forward to running more races together.