Friday, April 30, 2010


So, survived TAKS week. Very dull, trying...but I did manage to get a lot of grading done. So that's good news. 5 more weeks left of the school year. Of comprehensive exams to finish grad school in July loom large. When that's's on.

Here are a few shots from Casey's triathlon last weekend.
Somewhat scary smiling biker Casey. After biking for that long, I guess all smiles get wonky.
After the race. Back off ladies, he's taken. ;-)
And, Casey proudly serving his penalty for drafting...which he was kinda doing on purpose and has done before...but this time he got caught. It didn't bother him much, as you can tell!

So, this weekend, I get to finish my paper over medieval poetry...woo woo! :-)

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