Monday, July 21, 2008


So, I'm home, and very happy to be so. It was so good to see Casey and the puppies.

I've made a map to show where I went.

As for photos, I have quite a lot, so I've made smaller albums for each location, so as not to exhaust anyone. Each one is about 30 photos with a variety of pictures (people, places, food, etc.)

So, I started in Switzerland: mostly in Geneva,
with a short trip to Coppet
and Gruyeres.
Then to Belgium, mostly in the city of Liege,
with trips to Namur,
and Maastricht, Netherlands.
Then to France Paris for a normal day,
then Bastille Day in Paris,
then three days with family in Angouleme,
then back to Paris and finally home!

It doesn't look very far...but the differences between those small countries is crazy. It was a very educational trip.

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