Sunday, July 13, 2008

Odd photos from Switerland and Belgium

This is the view from my dorm room in Geneva, Switzerland. What a beautiful country.

The view from Gruyere, Switzerland...famous for its cheese.

But this small, rural town also has a bar inspired by the movie Alien. Very random.

This is a friterie (fry shop) in Liege, Belgium.

The Belgians are the true creators of the 'French' fry, and the sandwich has some fried meatball, sauce, double-fried fries and more sauce. If I never eat a french fry will be too soon.

This guy was in a park in Brussels, Belgium. Apparently, he's getting married in two weeks, and he and his friends decided to offer the public the honor of throwing a yogurt in his face, for the small price of 1 euro, for a good cause. I declined...I just wouldn't be able to toss yogurt in his face...he was too nice.

There are some good things in waffles!
Well...I mean, it rained almost the whole time, and Liege is very industrial...bad juju.

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