Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Improvements

So, while I was gone, Casey did some work on the house. I take absolutely no credit, other than leaving my husband alone at home for three weeks with some direction. I asked him to paint the front door red and the kitchen cabinets red as well.
He also planted the front flower beds and lined the beds with Austin stone. Very nice. They're sweet potato vines.
He painted, in the kitchen and butler's pantry, the cabinets gray and the doors red, which matches the front of the house, gray brick with red shutters. It's not exactly the same red...but we used that same red inside with the guest bath...so that matches.

He also made a new dog door for the puppies and fixed a patch of tile in the kitchen.

It was really nice to come home with all these nice things done to my house...and I didn't do anything! I should go to Europe more often.


megan said...

bet that was nice! hmmm...maybe I need to go to Europe...

c said...

those look really nice. he did good. thats a lot of tape.

Christy said...

what a sweet husband!