Monday, August 25, 2008

Another successful first day of school

Yes, today was successful. I think I got a good start to the year. I only have Fr 1 and Fr 3 this trimester...but I'm not too worried about my darling Fr 2 kids. I'm looking forward to seeing them next tri. will be an interesting trimester. My Fr 1 classes are huge. I had 32-34 per class, which is more than I've ever had in any class. We even had the German teacher come in and try to persuade the kids to sign up for German. No takers so far. So, French and I have won a popularity contest where the prize is...more work for me! I think I can do it. It will force me to flex my classroom management muscles, and I will have to be creative with ways to get the kids to grade their own work. I have a handful of boys that may be trouble...but I'm five steps ahead of them and I'll go blitzkrieg if I need to. I will have an orderly classroom, but I'll try to kill 'em with kindess first.

Also, when riding the scooter in a skirt and pearls, you get funny looks from dudes on Harleys. I think I messed with their paradigm.


c said...

I think blitzkrieg is german.

Criss said...

SOOO jealous of the scooter! (And the pearls!)

I have Spanish I and III this year, and our classes are pretty large too (not 32-34, but 28-30). I'm pretty panicked about lesson plans... I had all these grand aspirations, and I don't know if I can live up to them. I guess we'll see!