Sunday, August 10, 2008

Suffering, Safety and Stuffing

My legs are incredibly sore. I I was getting really stiff last night, after doing sprint intervals, and crazy aerobics class, then one more mile. (It felt good at the time.) So rather than getting up early this morning to run around the lake, I decided to give myself a little more recovery time and run this afternoon. Well, it was punishment, and for me, running isn't punishment, it's fun. So, I stopped, and went home and soaked my legs in ice water. I saw it in Runner's it couldn't hurt. This is the same magazine with an article called, "Why do we suffer?" It was fascinating. The things that human beings can accomplish are amazing, like running 226 miles without stopping. We can do things like that. I have no intention of running for 46 hours straight, but I am thrilled by challenging what this formerly tubby kid can do.

Update: The burn is getting better. I can see the new skin growing in, which I also find amazing. How wonderful is our Creator that He made us so that if we are foolish enough to burn off some of our skin, it grows back on it's own? Good deal.

I also included a picture of our helmets, which we always wear, for Cindy, Francis, Elizabeth or anyone else that might worry for our safety. Motorcycles are dangerous, but Casey has taken a safety course, and I have zero need for speed. So, I think we'll be fine.

And finally, today we cooked, and our fridge is absolutely stuffed.

In case you're curious (Casey always likes to look in people's fridges) we made turkey-spinach lasagna and bean and rice yesterday, so that's on top. Then today's effort is in the middle, stacked up are ratatouille, okra and tomatoes, roasted rosemary potatoes, salmon, tilapia, salad. The rest...fruit, yogurts, ingredients to make Pad Thai. And I have no idea where Casey's huge crock pot of chili will go. The scary thing is, by Friday...the fridge will probably be empty.

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