Sunday, August 24, 2008

Running is good again.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 16 week training program for the White Rock Marathon, and I'm back to the place where running for a long time outside is fun again. I'm following a program rather precisely, including starting our long runs slow and then getting faster, which drives Casey crazy. He hates going slow at the beginning...which I can see the testosterone not liking...and then when in the second half I start to kick up the discombobulates him. It felt good though. There's a moment in there about 8 miles in, where it just feels awesome.

I included a picture from my run software. You can see the outline of White Rock, and then the pace line dip into the faster realm around 7 miles. Pay no attention those up-spikes...probably hills. So, we ran 11 miles in a hour and 40 minutes. If we can train to maintain that, we'll run a sub-4 hour marathon. I've got to beat Oprah, you know?


kelly said...

v - i'm so impressed with all of your running - you're a champ!

c said...

happy b-day v. you're cool.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!


darrah dean gooden. said...

happy birthday to you, v! hope your day was a really good one.