Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cookie Madness...this may be madness...

So, Monday I saw this on Cookie Madness and had to make them.

Yeah, so...delicious, easy to make, delightful...but I'm going to have to cut back on the baking or my co-workers and I may all become diabetics. The freezer is jam-packed with tasty baked treats, and I have no idea what food bloggers do with the food, being that they post new recipes and their photos sometimes every day...that is madness.

On an aside, today Casey and I got really excited about the weather, went out the Katy Trail, ran about 2 miles...then Casey got sick. It happens to all of us sometimes...the poor thing is in bed. He was a brave soul though, walking back to the car with a migraine. He'll be fine, but it's tough seeing someone you love in pain though.


kelly said...

mmm - those look amazing. it was good to see you guys last weekend! hope casey is feeling better.

BriteCloud said...

This is Rhonda, Charlton's aunt. I have been lurking on your blog a few times and I want to thank you for the great links I have found from you. Bakerella, Cookie Madness. Yum!

I know you and Casey are anxious to see your new niece. :)