Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yay for old friends!

Today had two highlights:
1) The 15 mile run this morning, around the lake and around the really pretty neighborhood around the lake. Really pretty and fun too. Yes...running for 2 1/2 hours may sound like torture to some...but it was fun, believe me.
2) Getting to see my two best friends from college, Stephanie and Megan. Stephanie and I met freshman year in the dorm...and spent many a Saturday night crashed on the floor of her dorm with take-out cafeteria food and all night TNT. Megan and I were roommates for two and a half years...good good friends. It was good times.

Here's Megan and her husband, Corey. They had their little dog, Sammie too. He had fun getting his head nibbled on by our dogs who weight 2X-4X more. It was cute how he wouldn't back down.

Megan couldn't stay for long, but Stephanie and I really got to hang out and chat, about her med school, dogs, etc. We even made brownies! I was too entranced by the chocolate to smile for the camera.

Casey hung out too, even though I knew he desperately wanted a nap. He was a good sport, and so cute too!

Tomorrow is Meet the Teacher night, which I dread. There's no point going home at 3 to come back at 5, so I'll be at school for 13 hours...the last hours of which I have to smile and be perky and positive for parents. What a whippin'! But it's only twice a year.

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Christy said...

way to go on 12 miles!!! i am sure you were so proud of yourself!!! you should be plus you looked fresh and energized at church! hope your marathon day wasn't too bad!