Friday, September 12, 2008

This week's exploits

TGIF. Seriously.

So, this week, the baking called to me twice. First...not really baking, but Paula's Deen's Not 'Yo Mama's Banana Pudding.

I only put in three bananas and used reduced/light versions of all the ingredients. Come now...I can't be a true disciple of the "stick o' butter" lady. But it was still incredibly creamy and delicious. I think Casey (the hubbie) had a grand total of one spoonful and deemed it too dangerous for further consumption. The teachers at my school managed to face the danger, though.
I call these "Cake Truffles." But Bakerella has a different name. I saw them on a few blogs, then in the Dallas Morning News, which referenced I had to make them. Yesterday, after riding the scooter back and forth from the grocery store, I threw the cakes in the oven and hopped on the treadmill. When the timer went off, I paused the treadmill, crumbled the cakes and mixed them with frosting, put it in the fridge, then finished the tempo run. We went out to dinner, and afterwards I scooped them into little balls and coated them in white and milk chocolate coating.

The uncoated ones are still hanging out in the freezer. These are yellow cake mixed with white frosting, and they were the most popular in the teacher's lounge today. The others were chocolate-chocolate. I will have to try the red velvet and cream cheese frosting combination, sometime soon because I think I've spoiled my co-workers. But overall, these were excellent. Not overly sweet, but fairly indulgent...and nicely pre-portioned. They may become my Christmas "candy."

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Anna said...

Hi Virginie,

Thanks for the comment about the molten lava cookies. Glad you liked them!

About that banana pudding, I made that a few years ago for my dad and he loved it. I wish my husband liked bananas so I could make it more often.