Tuesday, September 30, 2008

French Club

We had our first French Club today and it was generally successful.

French Club is just one of the duties that automatically falls to me, and this being the 5th year that I've "sponsored" it...I'm making a real effort to make it interesting and to get kids involved. It helps that I have a couple of girls who want to lead, definitely. Now, of course, most of the ideas we're mine (but it's theirs to take field trip to Scarborough Fair...which is only loosely connected to French, but, whatever) and I did all the prep, game, handouts, power point, bought and made the food (Nigella's chocolate croissants!) but in the very least, it wasn't me up there talking, like the teacher again. And, I showed the kids videos of tecktonic, a French break-dancing style (check it out on Youtube), and some of them are going to learn it and teach it to the club. That's cool. And we're going to have a photo contest, a mock tour de France and a dessert contest.

Now, that's a club I'd want to join. Excellent.


Criss said...

How fun!
I'm starting up a Spanish Club (oddly, my school hasn't had one before... so it's all up to the newbie!)
Bonne chance! :)

megan said...

I watched some of the tecktonik videos on you tube and WOW the eighties are back with a vengeance over in France! And it's pretty cool dancing. Glad to hear the french club is going well! :)