Friday, March 20, 2009

Auntie Em who?

For more detailed instructions see: Steph Chows. Or just check this great blog out for whatever cool things she's making now. :-)

Wheat pretzel dough proofing in a marginally warm oven. Yeast is cool. It eats sugar and burps out CO2...which makes rise. Love it.
Shaping.Stretching. Gluten is fun!Ah, that classic twist! It comes from the ancient prayer posture with arms crossed in front.Pre soak in hot baking soda water.Post soak, plus seasoning. 9 minutes at 450 later....Do I hear angels singing?


Lo said...

... and that is how Love was born.

Seriously yum.

nodnarb said...

You should open a bakery.

Marci said...

Umm...Tim and I are salivating!