Wednesday, March 18, 2009


On Sunday, Jordan preached about leaven, the insidious fungus of which, under proper conditions, even a tiny amount can grow enormously. I believe he was citing when Jesus talked about heresy. But here, we're talking about bread! In this case, of course, the leaven is deliciously fragrant and works a magic that produces beautiful bread.
This is the no-knead variety, which I've made before, but following the inspiration of Kaitlyn in the Kitchen, plus letting it rise almost the maximum time, this is my prettiest result.
And if you'd like a quick easy fantastic treat: melt a little butter in a saute pan, add a spoonful of brown sugar, once it gets bubbly, add sliced bananas, turn them once and serve over a slice of bread smeared with peanut butter. Wiggling your hips with a "thank yuh, thank yuh very much" in your best Elvis impression is optional.
Since Charlie was on my last post, I figured I'd let the other fuzzy, Charlotte, get a little face time.

In other news, I decided to finally get my sore knee looked at, after almost 3 weeks of no running on it, hoping it would get better by itself. And of course, the doctor immediately says *no running*. Just like that, but he actually wrote it in all caps too. I even got an MRI yesterday on it. If you've never had one before, imagine slowly being sucked deeper in a little tube to loud, alarm-sound repetitive noises. I felt like saying, "Mother, what's happening?" (Alien reference.) But I think the knee is on the road to healing. :-)


Tiffany Dawn said...

OOOh i have had MRI's before... it was on my knee... such an odd feeling! Did yours knock a lot?! I remember something like that... maybe... anyway! HOpe it gets better soon so you can do that Tri and kick some booty- encouraging us all along the way!!!!

Dani said...

yummy yummy yummy!

Kevin said...

That sandwich looks good.

Lisa said...

I saw your photo on Tastespotting, and I had to check out your blog so I could continue to drool over that photo! The bread came out wonderful also, love that NY Times recipe - but I've never tried Roses Levy Berenebaum's adjustments! Glad you posted the link!

That said, been there and done that with the MRI for the knee. So glad yours tuned out to be nothing! I was in an accident and needed reconstuctive surgery! PT and healing is tough, but THAT MRI machine - YIKES! LOL

Lo said...

Gotta confess, caramelized bananas are one of my absolute favorite things. Bananas foster, anyone?