Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Springs

Behold, steam!
The reason why the water is hot (140 degrees!) is because the porous rock of the region, sandstone, draws up the hot water from under the earth before it can cool as it would at other springs. And it was hot. I got the whole bath treatment at this old-timey bathhouse. First, the whirlpool bath, with super-hot water dripping in onto a board where your feet are, then a sitz bath (or the bootie-bath), then the steam cabinet (holy cow that was hot...I felt like a dumpling!), then they wrap you in steaming hot towels, then the needle shower...which was fantastic. That's the "bath" part. I got a massage too because, hey, I'm there know...gotta do it. ;-)It was a nice break after hiking over the entire east part of the part. It was beautiful though. Very forested, green, pretty rock formations and views, like here from near the Mountain tower.
And no, Casey was not the only one who was silly during the trip (for him, see below!)

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Tiffany Dawn said...

AWWW thats one of my fav places in the WORLD!!! I didn't konw you guys went up there! I've done the bath house treatment multiple times and i always walk out feeling like a limp noodle!!

Did ya'll get to listen to the music at the Arlington on Sat?

The whole town is like stepping back in time (well at least the historic part)

Where in the world was that Grenade statue?! I've never seen that before!! What the heck!?

Glad y'all had a great time in a wonderful city!