Friday, July 24, 2009

So recently...

Bread! The only difficult part is thinking ahead. But, in the world of bread, a six hour gap between pulling the three ingredients out of the pantry and enjoying crusty, chewy homemade bread is well worth it. If you have yeast, bread flour and a large covered pot, I recommend you start right now. Recipe from the NY Times website. And then I used the bread to make a delicious roasted vegetable sandwich. Take the following ingredients, thinly sliced: eggplant, zucchini, little tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, with a little cooking spray, salt, pepper and garlic powder.
Apply high heat (450) for 15 minutes or so. And layer with a little cheese and pesto on above lovely bread.
The asparagus is just for fun. I love asparagus.

In other news, I went to a different chiropractor, and he told me cartilage tears do not heal. Looked it up online. Talked to my dad, one who's experienced many sports injuries. He agrees. Cartilage doesn't heal.

So, the five months I've been waiting, icing, stretching, electro-treating, ultrasounding, running side-wise and backwards, and otherwise treating my knee has done nothing but manage pain. That's insane. I could have taken an aspirin if that's all that I wanted. So, in all probability I'll have arthroscopic surgery on my knee.

AND I hope soon. I would really hate to be on crutches while trying to teach school. And I just got a call saying that my classes are going to be HUGE. 45/ one classroom. The brilliant solution is to give me the same huge amount of students, but without a conference period to keep up with the work that all those students will make for me. As long as they don't expect me to teach or the students to learn, it'll be fine. %)

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giz said...

I've read about your knee - total bummer - very familiar to me - research the surgery and ask alot of questions. In my case the orthopedic surgeon thought it wouldn't be worthwhile to have it done.