Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 2 in Paris - Thursday (Cathedral Day)

More pastries this morning, but we were very sad that they had no apple turnovers this morning. I figured out how to make coffee in dinky espresso percolator that the kitchen was equipped with. Excellent coffee.

We took the Metro to Montmartre. Trekked way upstairs to church, walked around, looking in souvenir shops and bakeries. Trekked down and back up to Place du Tetre, an artist square.We took the Metro to Arc de Triumph, walked under and around it. I'm huge! Then, we walked down Champs Elysee. Hungry and getting foot sore.

We took the Metro to St Michel. Had delicious shwarma pita sandwiches stuffed with roasted meat and french fries. Casey said this was the best meal in France so far. We walked down avenue St. Andre des Arts, walked through Notre Dame--Casey criticizing the sale of candles in the church itself the whole time, and then up to rue Rivoli, browsed at H&M, walked past the apt I lived in back in 2000.

Took metro back home, me nearly giving us both a heart attack b/c I thought my wallet was stolen, but I had just put it in a different pocket! You did silly things when you're tired. We snagged some pastries on the way. Rested. Very footsore, knee sore, Paris sore. Plan to take it easy this evening.

Had a lovely supper of bread, cheese, arugula tomato and olive salad, smoked salmon and charcuterie.

We went to a cafe in the evening, people watched and read. It was relaxing, except for the 2nd hand smoke from the chain-smokers on the terrace. Seriously, the smoking is out of hand. At night, smoke from the apt next door filters through the wall.

But in the morning, you can smell bread from the bakery. It's wonderful.

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