Friday, August 6, 2010

Paris - the beginning

We arrived from Munich late Tuesday afternoon. After settling into the apartment, we walked down from the apartment (which is insanely tiny and on the 5th floor-no elevator!) through the Marais, a beautiful old neighborhood, past Notre Dame and into the latin quarter. A bit of a hike, but it gave Casey a feel for the place.

Day 1 in Paris - Wednesday (Museum Day)

We got up and went to bakery around the corner and got a selection of breakfast pastries, and the apple turnover was splendid.
"These pastries are terrible." Casey even ate the crumbs.

Then, we walked to Pere Lachaise, a huge famous cemetery, wandered all over and finally found Jim Morrison's tomb with a guy from Colombia by following a Czech tour group. It was both anticlimactic and satisfying. We stopped in a cafe, Casey's first, and had a coffee and a hot chocolate. Lovely.

Then, we took bus 69 through the center of Paris. It was a very cheap version of the tourist buses, and hit the highlights.

Then we went to the Museum Rodin, cruised the gardens.Then went back to apt, had panini. Melty, crunchy sandwiches are good!

While Casey napped, I walked along Canal St Martin (like in Amelie!) and back, grocery shopped. It was nice to do something so normal.

In the evening, we went to the Louvre and power-walked it. Casey liked the Ancient Egyptian and I liked the ancient Greek. Then, we walked down to St. Germain and had croque madames prepared by a friendly waiter who let us pet his bar dog. Then, after getting caught in the rain, Casey got a Parisian to share her candy with him, which was hysterical. This random gypsy lady got on the metro and stood right next to Casey, and started singing, albeit badly, in an attempt to collect change from her listeners. Casey just stood right by her, completely ignoring her. Also hysterical. We came home, ate chocolate and watched Let the Right One In.

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