Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 3 in Paris - Friday (Versailles)

It took three trains and almost two hours to get to the palace of Versailles. This is the elaborate, gold gate. Louis XIV thought highly of himself. Then, we waited an hour in line to get tickets, and then a crowded, crowded walk through the palace with an insanely tired Casey. That's all the smile he could muster. But despite fatigue, it was beautiful.

We took the little tram around the estate, but only got off at the end to walk through the enormous gardens and then back to the train station. Casey slept on the train. He felt better after that.

Got some food, went back to relax. I turned around and the last half of my Paris-Brest pastry was gone.

And then, miraculously, I was finally able to get onto the internet at our apartment, after countless attempts the last few days. We're tried to get wifi on our iphones several places that said it was freely available. We've been on the constant search for internet cafes as we walked around. No luck. The WWW was denied to us, until now. Wee!


Tiffany Dawn said...

ah I LOVE Versailles!! I wish I had spent MORE time just hanging out in the gardens and less time in the palace. THey are magical! :)

Glad you're having fun!!

Marci said...

Uh...jealous. Just jealous!!!!

Please eat a crepe with nutella for me. :-)