Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The ITU Long Course World Championships

The official Team USA photo. Casey's the 4th from the left. The guys in blue are the team doctor and chiropractor.
Part of the Parade of Nations. 30 countries were represented.
Pre-race. Casey later said he was really nervous then.
The swim start. 4 km, or 2.4 miles. That 1-2 hours of constant swimming in deep water.
Casey out of the water and looking happy.
I didn't get any pictures of him of the bike, since it was away from town, but I got him on the run. Here, he just started the run.
And then, here with only 10k or 6 miles to go.
At the end, he was really tired, but in better shape than some, and really glad that he could finish, despite a devastatingly difficult bike, and finish well. Being there and seeing first hand, I could see how long and hard it was, and how serious and committed these athletes are. I was really proud to see my own Casey out there with the best of them.

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