Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dueling Chilis

Every week, Casey and I do the grocery shopping, then cook a week's worth of food. If you don't like leftovers that may sound crazy...but we love leftovers. We usually put on a movie and get in the groove. This week, I said I wanted to make chili using a recipe I read from Cook's Illustrated. Casey immediately jumped in, "Oh, I want chili too! Make more for me and add extra beans and hominy..." I told him, nothing doing, I'm trying out my recipe and not making it to his specifications. So, we both made chili. Mine's on the left. Behold the beefy-beany-chipotle chili goodness, rather than that watered down vegetable beef soup on the right. Amateur.
We also roasted salmon and potatoes, which Casey is eating now. And he did the dishes...excellent.


Anonymous said...

The one on the right looks a lot like the famous Meyers taco soup. (Just so you'll know...Cleaning up two gallons of the Meyers taco soup off of the kitchen floor and out from under the refrigerator is not fun.)

The one on the left looks more like chili.


kelly said...

mmmmm - looks very good! it's nice to have a husband to cook with, i'll agree! we enjoy cooking, too. thankfully clint has never attempted chili (yet) b/c i am quite picky & like my recipe just fine!
it's fun to keep up with your cooking & running adventures :)