Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ʒe fɛ

Yeah, so "Ʒe fɛ" isn't's the phonetic spelling of "J'ai faim" (I'm hungry) which I'm learning in my conversation class...instead of actually doing real conversation. The professor is very nice, and I'm learning things...but considering I'll be on a plane to Switzerland in two weeks, I'd rather be practicing the skill I'll need most, communication!

Speaking of which, I don't feel ready to go at all. I mean, I know where my passport is, but nothing is organized or ready, and packing is something that stresses me out. I bought a suitcase online, but it hasn't gotten here yet. (*blood pressure rising*) Plus, I've learned that I'm arriving the day before some of the other students...and I'm not sure I'll have the right to stay in the dorm the day I arrive. So...I'm not sure what to do there. Since I'm getting there a day early, I don't want to waste it...but it would be a hassle to do anything other than show up early and park in the dorm. *worries*

Oh...and I'm writing this in class, as my classmates are presenting about francophone singers and I can google them later, right?

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