Friday, June 13, 2008

"We're Cylons."

*Nerdy alert*
So, about a month ago I watched the first Battlestar Galactica, and yesterday I finished the 3rd season. I was flabbergasted by the plot twist at the end.

It's the story of the human race fleeing the Cylons, a race of robots who were originally made by humans but then turned on their creators. With few exceptions, the Cylons have been merciless in their pursuit of the destruction of the humans. And, after a month of watching this show (mostly right before bed) I definitely have my favorites. Well, at the end of the episode, a few of the characters are strangely drawn together by a strain of music only they can hear and they realize, with horror, that they are cylons. They are the enemy, programmed to think that they're human, to appear human, to marry humans and father children with humans, to fight fiercely defending their fellow soliders, which we now know are not their fellow beings. Man! What a twist. In a second, these ultimate patriots realize they are traitors to all they love, and were designed to do so, and to be enemies of their own race.

Good show.

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