Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Will and Testament

I now have a will. Casey wrote it. As macabre as it is, we have arranged burial requests (Casey wants to be cremated and sprinkled over White Rock Lake, me just buried) and we have official heirs. Not that we have anything much to pass on...but should my entire family die in a car crash or something...I leave everything to Megan. I haven't told her that yet, and the possibility is highly unlikely that Casey, I, both my parents and our one-day children all croak at once...but I think she would be a good mommy to Charlotte.

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megan said... Megan? Um, so it's been a long time since I checked your blog apparently....I didn't even know you had a vacation/study abroad planned at all, and now I've read all about it...crazy. My excuse is that we had our internet switched over to the fiber optic type (or whatever it is) but the only catch was we had to get free cable for a I've been working really hard at enjoying being a couch potato while I can for free. I really hope you and all your family don't croak all at once...and that if you do it's of old age and you have many other heirs to give stuff to...though I do think Charlotte and Sammy would get along if the unthinkable happened...which it won't.