Sunday, June 29, 2008 free day in Geneva.

Saturday morning, I ran 4 miles down to, around and back from Parc Bastillion near Place Neuve. A really pretty park. They have some giant outdoor chess boards...I thought of Casey. It was pretty quiet out there...much quieter than Friday night night. I guess Saturday morning isn't peak park time. The way to the park is almost entirely down hill...and back uphill...I guess that's what it's like living surrounded by mountains.

Oh, by the way, I was rather proud of myself for how I figured my way back to the park and back here...I followed the bus line! They actually have cables above that they're attached I just followed that. No getting lost!

So, Saturday I left the dorm again about 10am, walked to the grocery store and bought some food and water, and then walked to Parc Bastillon , read the Swiss paper and picnicked. I have a feeling that we'll go back there as a tour. There's a monument, the "Wall of Reformers" which is strangely, written in English.

So, then from there I walked towards the river...where all the people were. I walked down a big boulevard Helevtica which was a huge shopping area...did some window shopping, as the big sales are going on now. I bought a pink practical beach bag for 5 dollars! Super. A old lady did bump into me and then fart as she walked away though. And she definitely did not squeeze the cheeks...she let that mug fly. It was funny. Otherwise, people are very polite here. More likely to talk to you than the French, but still very reserved.

One strange thing...I can't get over how many different languages I hear. Not just at the dorm, which houses lots of international folks, including a fair amount of americans. But walking around, I expect to be hearing French...and then there's of course german and italian, but other languages...asian, eastern european...and worst of all. English. More than I would have expected. Some from English people...but I passed at least 15 americans that didn't have the dignity to blend it. But I guess that's nearly blending in here...other people don't seem to notice.

Geneva has some very pretty architecture, especially closer to the river. Very pretty, took pictures.

My tootsies are tired though. Good thing, I've seen some of the people from my group, a couple of my friends included. Very nice. And, I think our meals will be paid for, starting tomorrow. Because wow...15 francs (almost dollars) buys a very small bag of groceries. But I'm not eating boogers and beans, either...bread, cheese, fruit, yogurts, chocolate yet. Though the chocolate bar aisle is large. Oh, I took a picture of the yogurt and cereal aisle. Wild difference. Will post asap.

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