Sunday, June 15, 2008

Heat + Running = Stomach pain?

Three of my recent outside runs have not been good. It's discouraging, frustrating, confusing.

A few months ago, I started doing sprint intervals using a program from a really cool book (pictured right). I've been rather proud to be able to do it and have energy left afterward. Well, last Saturday, I decided to run at SMU's track, which to my surprise, is obviously bigger than the one I've been running on. So, all those runs...yeah, not according to the book. Very disappointing. And I tried to go by the book on SMU's track...nearly puked. Ran awful...cut it short. I was distracted as well...20 minutes into the run a billion people swarmed the track, clogged it up for a while, stood around in the way, cheered at random intervals for unknown reasons and then left. Probably a running club...which I feel superior to, of course, because I don't need all that hub-bub to run...of course...I probably ran less than those people that day.

So, yesterday, I get back on my track and try to sort out what I've been running. I finally figure out that rather than the traditional 4 laps = 1 mile, this track is 4 1/8th laps = 1 mile. So, I wasn't that far off. But, again, I'm distracted...a soccer game going on in the center of the track...same story as the week before. Unspoken track rules are "Go faster than me or get out of my way," and I'm dodging cheering oblivous fathers and small children. Plus...I feel puky again. Have to sit down multiple times...stomach was not on board for the ride apparently.

Then, this morning, making our traditional loop around White Rock Lake (about 9 miles), the stomach goes on full revolt.

I'm beginning to understand that this running thing is more than putting on foot in front as rapid a succession for as long as possible. Concentration, focus...motivation...and something to keep the heat from making me want to puke. That I hope will be coming soon.

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Elizabeth G said...

Were you running last summer? Did the heat make you nauseous then? Ginger helps me when I have morning sickness. I like gin-gins, the hard candies, not the chewy ones. The hard ones you can only find at World Market.