Friday, June 20, 2008

Signs of neglect

There have certainly been some causalities of my two-week intensive grad school class. Most obviously, my house. Piles (dishes, clothes, papers) have formed in a greater amount and size than normal in all the usual places.

Our dogs also seem to have noticed the lack of they are acting feistier than usual. Not being bad...but I think Charlie has missed his cuddle time. As cute as he is, he has NO concept of personal space...causing him to incur my wrath for stomping on my homework (it was on the couch).

Of course, Casey has been around, but working I don't know if it's just been a busy couple of weeks or he's been working later figuring that I'm doing homework or whatever...which is true...but it's lonely without him!

And I'm leaving soon...for 23 days. Not ready...not packed. I do know where my passport is, though. 23 days away from hubby will be rough on me, and I worry it will be rough on him too. He's been a little down because his knee isn't getting better as fast as he'd like (IT band syndrome), and it's going to mess up the half-Ironman triathlon he has planned coming up weekend after next. I know he survived for 26 years without me...but I know I'll be busy go-go-going, and he'll be here, in the same place...just minus me. For some people that will be no big deal...but we do most everything together. We don't even go to the grocery story three weeks will be a hardship.

Goodness. Any advice?

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megan said...

I's really hard to be apart for a long time! And Corey and I don't even spend as much time hanging out as it sounds like you do...but we're really big wusses.