Friday, June 27, 2008

The poor pooch

Let's just say the pooch got scr***d. We'll not assess blame...but I just had a very rough 2 hours. So, when I go to the reception and tell then that I'm part of a group, the lady immediately tells me I need to go to the dorm area and find my group and someone of them will have the key. Also she tells me that the place I'll be staying in for the next week is just a big room with beds, like in the army. Well...icky aside, I know I'm the first student here. So...

I wait around for the dorm area to open up. It doesn't. There's no one. The lady at the desk starts calling this guy that supposed to be in charge. AWOL. We're not in the reservation book. So...I've been traveling for 28 hours and I don't even have a bunk to sleep in.

Well...after A LOT of confusion, some tears and much frustration on my part, the lady asked if I wanted a reservation for a regular room for the night. Yes...but first she looks me up, and there I am! If only that had been done at would have saved me 45 of sitting around and 45 of pure pain and anxiety (some of which involved me wandering around the dorm and then banging on the door of the guy who is supposed to be in charge...he wasn't there.) The lady was sorry...and she was I wasn't mad. Plus, crying kinda felt good by that time. I need sleep.

And on the good side, my room has an amazing view! And I'm in SWITZERTLAND!

(I tried to post pictures...but no go with these computers.)

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